It is foreseen that same day loans now will be launched in the fall expectedly in the month of October and the essential requirements to be able to access this type of loans without the intervention of banks or savings banks will be: be a resident in Spain, have a mobile phone number and an electronic mail since all the processing is done online with information to the email and with SMS to the mobile phone both in the answer and in future communications.


Differences of requesting a loan in same day loans Now with banks

Differences of requesting a loan in same day loans Now with banks

In Currency you will not have to talk to any person or manager of the bank to give explanations. Everything done online and in an agile, simple and with easy conditions and accessible to all users.

You will have to confirm with same day loans now that you have a checking or savings account where the loan will be paid in the future, for which you provide the access codes to same day loans in a secure and encrypted way, as it is the form that ensures that you are the owner of the account.

Same day loans keep this information for the duration of the credit authorization process. Subsequently, it will erase all access and the same in the event that its operation is not authorized.


How to request a loan in same day loans

To apply for a loan in same day loans Now, you have to follow a few simple steps. Complete your form with all personal data, first name, address and your economic data, what you enter each month by payroll, pension, etc. or other income. The expenses you have for other monthly payments or debts of loans or cards.

Once you have filled in all the information, in a few minutes you will receive a reply and if it is positive, you will receive a non-binding offer, that is, you can accept or not. The conditions that will be offered will be in accordance with the data that has passed from your income and economic and patrimonial solvency. Logically cheaper if your situation is more comfortable with income and properties.

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What happens if the loan is not paid in Currency

What happens if the loan is not paid in Currency

In the event that the loan expires due to an unforeseen event, the finance company does not accept any type of extension or postponement, so you will have to be especially careful as the surcharge costs you apply are quite excessive. 2% of the loan’s capital if it is delayed 6 days, a 5% surcharge if the delay is 15 days and 13% if it takes 30 days to return the principal plus interest.

Given the surcharges for delay that are applied in same day loans and in the rest of the online credits of same day credits, it can be explained because some users have multiplied their debt without the possibility of being able to face it. As we have been reporting in other posts, asking for money in online finances through mini-credits should be the last resort.